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Moisturization is critical to keep skin looking young and healthy, especially during the cold, dry winter. As humidity levels decrease during this time of year, you may notice your skin pays the price, becoming dry, flaky, and just plain sad. For these reasons, moisturizing your skin becomes that much more important. Moisturization begins with adequate hydration, in the form of water. The latest research shows that women need 2.7L of water daily (that’s approximately 11 glasses!) and men need 3.7L daily. Adequate water intake will help keep you healthy from the inside out. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you is a great step toward improving water intake throughout the day, regardless of where the day may take you.


As for your daily skin regimen, using lukewarm water as opposed to scalding hot water in the shower will help you avoid drying out your skin. The type of soap or body wash you use is also important. Using a gentle, moisturizing soap, such as Dove, will help soothe the skin instead of stripping away its natural oils. Upon hopping out of the shower, gently patting dry with a towel as opposed to aggressively rubbing your skin with said towel, followed by diligently applying a gentle moisturizing cream or lotion, such as Aveeno, will help lock moisture into your skin.


Our hands, unfortunately, suffer the most during the cold, dry winters, as they are constantly exposed to drying elements through frequent hand and dish washing. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers as opposed to harsh soaps, wearing gloves while washing dishes, and reapplying moisturizing creams throughout the day are all helpful ways to prevent skin from becoming overly dry, cracked and painful.  Speaking of painful, have you experienced cracking, splitting, or fissuring of the skin at the tips of the fingers near the corners of your nails? Do these areas sting and burn and just plain drive you crazy as they refuse to heal??  If so, here’s a helpful tip, try placing a drop of super glue directly onto the affected skin to seal the crack closed. This will keep the area from drying out further and give it time to actually heal – bye bye burning!


Lastly, keeping your lips hydrated through frequent application of petroleum ointments, such as Aquaphor or Vaniply, will keep the dryness at bay and make for kissably soft lips all winter long.


To get a jumpstart on re-hydrating your skin after this harsh winter, try out a Hydrafacial!   It encourages healthy skin cell turnover by cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing all in one soothing, and refreshing, non-irritating step. It can be used by all skin types and colors and special serum boosters can be added for fine wrinkles, collagen development, hyperpigmentation, and acne prone skin. HydraFacial not only deals with a lot of problems of dry skin but when performed on a regular basis, it builds and maintains the foundation for healthier skin.


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