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Ganger DermatologyAbout Us
Not Your Typical Dermatology Practice

Board Certified Dermatologists in Ann Arbor, MI

At Ganger Dermatology, we’re fascinated and driven by all things skin. If you’ve seen a dermatologist before, you may have noticed that Ganger’s services and scope seem unusual. That’s because we strive to be Michigan’s Skin Care Central—here for all your needs.

By offering medical dermatology services, cosmetic skincare treatments, and the latest, leading-edge laser services, we can deliver the highest quality of care across the broadest range of options to ensure excellent results for our patients each and every time.

When you choose a board certified dermatologist for your Mohs surgery, laser hair removal, or Botox injection, you’re choosing a safer, more effective form of care that prioritizes your health and wellness over patient volume and profit margins. Simply put, at Ganger we have the credentials, compassion, and expertise to achieve your ultimate skin goals. Schedule your appointment today or read more about our company, our doctors, and our mission below.

Company Bio

Dr. Laura Ganger honed her skills through years of diligent study and rigorous, academic and in-office training. When the time came to open her own practice in Ann Arbor, MI, Dr. Ganger already knew and deeply felt her core care principle: put the patient first.

By assembling some of the most experienced, versatile, and compassionate American Academy of Dermatology Fellows, Dr. Ganger quickly expanded her operation to include practices in Plymouth and Wixom, MI. Now, with some of the region’s most talented laser specialists, aestheticians, and certified physician assistants at her side, Dr. Ganger’s core principle has expanded to include the latest skincare services and cutting-edge skincare tech.

Despite the rapid growth of what’s quickly becoming Michigan’s Skin Care Central, the primary philosophy at all Ganger Dermatology locations remains the same as it ever was: provide the best possible care, an excellent patient experience, and do it on schedule.

Mission Statement

Providing the best possible care and excellent patient experiences in a punctual and professional manner may sound simple. But in reality, each of these objectives requires consistent and actionable steps. Here’s how we stay true to our mission for each and every patient.

Provide the Best Possible Care

At Ganger Dermatology locations, you’ll find five Board Certified Dermatologists, three Physician Assistants, and numerous other providers combined with state-of-the-art technology to meet all of your individual skincare needs.

An Excellent Patient Experience

From our patient lounges to our cozy exam rooms, we’ve curated a comfortable and relaxing environment for our patients. Your utmost ease and confidence are cornerstones of our patient service at every location and for every visit.

Efficiency & Precision

By the time you arrive at your nearest Ganger Dermatology location, your exam room is set and all equipment is ready to go. Our electronic sign-in and paperwork features streamline your visit so that you can focus on the care you need.



The physicians at Ganger Dermatology have trained at leading institutions and are certified experts in treating all aspects of the skin, hair, and nails. Each provider has been Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology and all of our doctors remain active members of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology.


Our Staff

At Ganger Dermatology, skincare is a team sport. Our staff is ambitious, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the core care principles that drive our practice. From our precise laser specialists to our seasoned aestheticians to our certified physician assistants, we’ve assembled a team of the best and brightest so that we can deliver exceptional care on a consistent basis for our patients.

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Join the Ganger Team


Are you a medical professional hoping to join an emerging network of dedicated and hard working healthcare experts? Do you believe wholeheartedly in delivering a far-above-average patient experience consistently? At Ganger Dermatology, we’re always on the lookout for our next superstars. Visit our careers page, submit your employment materials, and keep a look out for open positions at each of our three locations.


Because we’re a patient-first network of dermatology practices, there’s no better testimony to our level of care and service than the reviews we receive. Our patients speak volumes and their experiences mean the world to us. Read what our patients are saying about the care they received at Ganger Derm.

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Experience the Ganger Difference in Ann Arbor, Wixom, & Plymouth Today!

At Ganger, we’ve seen firsthand how chronic skin conditions can sabotage your daily quality of life. We’ve also seen how some unwanted hair here or a spider vein there can truly impact how we see and appreciate ourselves. From the most dangerous skin conditions to the smallest fine lines and wrinkles, we care about your skin. Schedule your appointment today by clicking the button below. We can’t wait to meet you and all your skincare needs!

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