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Build Muscle Mass Where You Want It

EMSCULPT in Ann Arbor, MI

The exact features of the “ideal body” are always changing, but sculpted muscle and chiseled contours never go out of style. As we age, adding muscle mass requires more effort than we have to give. Hours in the gym and extreme diets may only result in diminishing returns. But with the right body sculpting technology, you can burn fat, build muscle, and shape your chest, arms, calves, thighs, and buttocks—all from the comfort of a chair. Here’s how.

The Equivalent of 20,000 Squats or Crunches

Disciplined fitness junkies know how to cut calories and maintain weight training routines. But even the most committed among us understand that some fat is simply resistant to diet and exercise. For those near their ideal body weight, EMSCULPT body contouring technology offers a way forward.

During the treatment, applicator paddles are attached to a targeted muscle group (abs, buttocks, arms, calves, thighs). Then, each paddle delivers a preset routine of stronger or lighter electromagnetic pulses to stimulate supramaximal contractions—a form of muscle strain greater than anything you can achieve in the gym. Over the course of a 30-minute session, EMSCULPT can deliver the equivalent results of 20,000 crunches or squats—all while you sit back, relax, and look forward to your tighter, toned results.

On its own or combined with a regular gym routine, EMSCULPT can finally take you across the finish line to the pert butt, firm core, crisp calves, or honed arms you’ve been working toward.

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Benefits of EMSCULPT Body Toning

  • 16% more muscle mass on average
  • 19% fat loss in target areas after four treatments
  • 96% patient satisfaction
  • Non-surgical & non-invasive
  • Comfortable
  • Quick and convenient
  • No downtime
  • No sweat
Frequently Asked Questions


The gains in muscle mass that you experience through EMSCULPT may persist without follow-up treatments for half a year or longer. But like all forms of strength training, muscle fibers that aren’t trained may weaken or diminish over time. Regular EMSCULPT appointments can maintain and enhance muscle mass for continued tightness and tone in the treatment areas.

Thanks to its non-surgical and non-invasive methodology, EMSULPT causes no pain whatsoever. Even so, stimulated supramaximal contractions are still muscle contractions. You will feel the muscle exert itself throughout the course of occasionally intense routines designed to achieve maximal muscle mass gain within a limited window of time.

Most patients find the treatment to be entirely comfortable, but a minor “tugging” or “pulling” sensation should be expected followed by the fatigue you might otherwise feel from a good workout.

EMSCULPT is ideal for building muscle mass quickly and reliably in specific areas. As the muscles contract and fibers tear and repair, some localized fatty deposits may also minimize. To learn if you’re an ideal candidate for EMSCULPT body toning treatments, call Ganger Dermatology at (734) 344-4567 or find an office near you!

VIew Results

EMSCULPT Before & Afters

After 4th Treatment, Courtesy of: Anita Sturnham, MD

4 Weeks After 4th Treatment, Courtesy of: Melanie Palm, MD

8 Weeks After 4th Treatment, Courtesy of: Seaside Aesthetics

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Build Muscle, Burn Fat, & Look Forward to Beach Season.

Try as we might through diet and exercise alone, our overall body tone is dependent on several factors beyond our control. Age, genetics, and your average level of physical activity may make your ideal body difficult or even impossible to achieve on your own. Thankfully, body toning technology relies on simple, effective, and scientifically-proven principles to give you the edge you need.

After your trip to the gym or your jog around the neighborhood, visit our offices in Ann Arbor, Wixom, & Plymouth, MI, for a quick and easy EMSCULPT appointment. When combined with diet and exercise, EMSCULPT treatments are even more effective, delivering the changes you want most in a fraction of the time they might otherwise take. Schedule your appointment today and start looking forward to a toned and tighter you.

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