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Vanquish in Ann Arbor

Vanquish is a revolutionary radio-frequency (RF) device that selectively targets fat with fine-tuned heat energy for safe and measurable cosmetic body treatments without the cost and recovery of surgery. Further, patients have universally reported high treatment satisfaction.

Vanquish is a first-of-its-kind non-surgical body treatment to “conquer the core” using a new clinical approach of sub-cutaneous or deep tissue heating with selective radio frequency (RF) energy to target fat.


Comfortable and non-surgical treatment – no anesthesia, pain medication or downtime is required for treatment

The largest spot size, allowing for the largest treatment area in the industry

Who is a good candidate for Vanquish?

Vanquish is recommended for patients over the age of 21 who desire aesthetic body treatment without the cost and recovery of surgery. It is most efficacious for those up to about 20+ pounds over weight wishing to improve problem areas around the midsection where exercise and diet have plateaued.

Consider Vanquish if:

  • Diet and exercise aren’t working
  • You can’t get rid of those last few inches
  • You want to look thinner for an upcoming special occasion

What should I expect?

Impressive and noticeable aesthetic results can be achieved on the problematic midsection area with 4 to 6 Vanquish treatment sessions, each lasting about 30-minutes that can be scheduled once a week. For efficient functioning of the metabolic system, it is important that patients increase their water intake and are well hydrated before, during and for 2 days post treatment.

Since the Vanquish applicator panels do not make direct contact with the skin, treatment is extremely safe, quite comfortable and without downtime or significant side effects.

Common Questions

Does it hurt?

Vanquish will not cause you any pain. The device does not touch your body directly. Most patients report that it feels like a warming sensation or a heating pad. You may sweat a little.

What are the most common side effects?

Immediately after treatment, your skin will be warmer than usual and may be pink. The surface temperature of your skin will have been heated to above its normal temperature. The temperature of the skin will return to normal soon after treatment. Although uncommon, it is possible to have minor tender red areas.

How should I prepare for treatment?

Patients should dress in lightweight, comfortable clothing or layers during colder weather. Because body temperature will increase during treatment, you may be more comfortable in a short sleeved or sleeveless top. We also advise patients to be well hydrated the day before treatment and the day of treatment. Drink one liter or 8 glasses of water the day before treatment, the day of treatment and two days following treatment.

Will there be any recovery time?

You can resume your normal activities after treatment, but it is advisable that you drink extra water.

How soon will I see results?

Some patients may begin to see results after their first treatment. However most patients typically report the greatest improvement within a few weeks after their last treatment.

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